Immortal Bird: A Family Memoir

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€œMaybe I€™ve finally beaten this thing, maybe three years€™ struggle will not have been in vain. Maybe this is finally over . . .€ €”from Damon€™s blog, May 2004 A FAMILY€™ S LOVE lies at the heart of this gifted boy€™s fight to survive. Born with a congenital heart defect that required surgery when he was a baby, Damon Weber lives a big life with spirit and independence that have always been a source of pride to his parents, Doron and Shealagh. But when Damon is diagnosed with a new illness as a teenager, his triumphant coming-of-age tale turns into a darker and more dramatic quest: his family€™s race against time and a flawed heath care system.Immortal Bird is a searing account of a father€™s struggle to save his remarkable son, a story of a young boy€™s passion for life, and a tribute to his family€™s love. It is also a story of the perils of modern medicine and the redemptive power of art in the face of the unthinkable

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