The Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

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The Fat Smash Diet is the book-length version of the nutrition and fitness regimen that Dr. Ian K. Smith has used with great success and to widespread acclaim on VH1’s popular weight-loss reality show, Celebrity Fit Club. In the book, Smith outlines a simple weight loss plan that foregoes trendy gimmicks and focuses instead on a rigorous, commonsense approach. Dr. Smith avoids delving into the emotional complexities that many other experts regard as the chief component of weight problems and instead emphasizes the physical mechanics and bodily processes that have been consistently linked to successful weight loss efforts, both in scholarly research and in Smith’s experiences working with a diverse range of clients.
Smith’s Fat Smash Diet plan proceeds in four distinct, but interrelated phases that are designed to carry the reader through not only the initial weight loss, but also through a lifetime of healthy weight maintenance and beneficial nutrition and exercise habits. The plan is geared to be flexible and adaptable to the ups and downs, changes and transitions that characterize real life. As such, Dr. Smith has included some latitude for social situations and stressful times that may impede one’s ability to stick to a healthy fitness and nutrition program. If a person who has reached the maintenance phase of the plan regresses, slips up, or otherwise regains weight, Dr. Smith recommends returning to the first phase of the diet for a 10-day period of rehabilitation. This unusual level of flexibility distinguishes the Fat Smash Diet from other, less realistic weight loss plans, and positions individuals using this approach to develop the skills and strategies that are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss in the long-term.

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